In water one sees one’s own face, but in wine one beholds the heart of another*

For my wine-drinking friends (which is most of you), it has been WAY too long of a wait for some wine news. Especially for  Andy Johnson-Laird and his lovely wife Kay Kitagawa, who gave me a fabulous book,  “The Wines of Chile” by Peter Richards, and plied me with enough of it before I left that I couldn’t have a blood test for months.

Oh, and the requisite legal notice: I am a hopeless non-connoisseur (apparently inheriting nothing from my French relatives except the ability to drink). I can’t tell you what kind of body a wine has, let alone figure out those pesky body parts like nose and legs. However, being the intrepid reporter of life that I am, I will forge ahead today, reporting on a delightful little gem I have discovered for daily consumption that is well-rounded in ways I consider important: It’s really, really good, and it’s cheap.

So what did I discover? Misiones de Rengo, to be specific.  It produces really nice reds – carmenere, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot, all of which you can get for about $3.75  a bottle for the non-reserva.   The reserva is about $8 a bottle if you really want to splurge.  My book (which I was delighted to read is for
“wine geeks!” woo hoo) has only good things to say about Misiones – “at the lower levels, Misiones’ wines conform to a sound commercial style.  In the Reserva and Cuvee ranges, however, the standard rises noticeably and the wines offer good quality and outstanding value for money.” (pp. 205, if you are interested in reading more).  Its 2007 Carmenere apparently won awards as well – here’s a great site for a much more educated opinion on Chilean wine!

The only bummer?  I may go through withdrawal when I get home.  Apparently it isn’t distributed in Oregon. I am going to have to sic my little brother Matt and big brother Gary, both wine geeks, on this right now.  It is apparent I understand wine distributorship even less than I understand wine. But hey, for once in my life, apparently the experts agree with me.  For what it’s worth.

Next time?  Stay tuned. We may be discussing more alcohol – this time pisco.

*French Proverb


6 responses to “In water one sees one’s own face, but in wine one beholds the heart of another*

  1. I’m all over it Beast. We’ll convert you yet.

    Love Ya!
    Little Bro.

  2. Does Chile “do” whites? Knowing you you must have found a few good ones. Thanks again for the call this weekend. It felt like you were next door

  3. “I have enjoyed great health at a great age because everyday since I can remember I have consumed a bottle of wine except when I have not felt well. Then I have consumed two bottles.” – Bishop of Seville

  4. If it fits in a martini glass, I’ll drink it! DAD XXX

  5. Lisa:

    Thanks for the great post. I looked at the wine’s webpage and want some… or WOULD want some if I drank wine.

  6. Hey, nice site you got here! Keep up the good job!

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